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Bio / Curriculum Vitae of LukeStoneHm (Luke Johnstone)

Below you will find a list of personal details, contact details, education information, experience & skills, employment history, projects I've worked on, and goals I have in life.

assignment_indPersonal Details

Full Name:
Luke Michael Johnstone
Country of birth:
Cape Town, South Africa
Date of birth:
11 December 1991 (28 years old)
Driver's licences:
Code: A & B (motorbikes 125cc+ & car)
Contact me via email / Google+ / Google Hangouts
I will pass contact & ID numbers via these channels.

chatContact Details

Luke Johnstone on Google+
Google Hangouts:
Current location:
Cape Town, South Africa

favoriteValues & Goals

Values I appreciate:
  • Honesty, as this is the first virtue before all.
  • Accountability, taking responsibility for one's actions.
  • Communication, good teamwork makes things move smoothly.
  • Clean coding skills, consistent and well formatted code is obviously more pleasant to work with.
Goals & aspirations:
  • To be surrounded by people whom I can trust.
  • My ideal programming environment would be to work remotely and telecommute.
  • I would like to work on a video game development project, one day.

tag_facesPersonal Attributes

Some words that describe me:
  • Generally inclined to seek the good way of doing things.
  • Hard working, effective and efficient.
  • Adaptive, love learning and acquiring knowledge.
  • Change agent, the only constant thing in life is change, and I enjoy embracing change whenever it seems necessary.
  • Logical, favors the rational approach to solving problems.
  • Methodical, follows patterns, if none exist, then sets patterns to be followed.
  • Attentive, pays attention to the fine details.
  • Enthusiastic, change and new things excite me. I love diving into a new concept, language or technology.

local_libraryEducation Information

Edgemead High School
Matriculated in 2010
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Science
  • Information Technology (Java)
  • Accounting
  • English
  • Afrikaans
Northlink Collage
Completed year 1 of MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer) in 2011. The following courses were valuable.
  • Entry level C#
  • Entry level ASP.NET & web design
  • Adobe Photoshop & InDesign
  • Microsoft SQL Database
Studying towards BTEC in Information Technology (2012 to present, 3rd year).
The following courses listed below have been completed, and are listed as they provided valuable practical knowledge.
  • A+ & N+
  • Web design & development.
  • User interface development.
  • Android software development.
  • Database development. (database design, access control administration, query construction)
  • Systems analysis and design.
Further academic interests
I would love to study into cryptology and other areas of cyber-security, as these subjects fascinate me.

starExperience & Skills

Primary Attributes
  • Android software development. Strict adherence to Google's Design Guidelines ( and programming paradigms set in the developer guidelines.
  • Fluent in use of Google's GCM. (Google Cloud Messenger)
  • Religious use of Version Control Systems, namely GIT.
  • Frontend & backend web application software planning and development.
  • Advanced Linux SysAdmin skills. Fluent in terminal/bash. Master of SSH.
  • One-click builds and task automation experience with tools such as Grunt.
Secondary Attributes
  • Unit test experience with tools such as Karma.
  • HTML/CSS skills, including use of frameworks such as JQuery, Bootstrap, MDL. (Material Design Lite)
  • Database development in relational database languages such as MySQL and Oracle.
  • Database development in NoSQL database languages such as MongoDB.
  • Local area network maintenance and administration.
  • IT technical skills.
Programming Languages
  • Java / Android Development using Android Studio. (4 Years+ experience)
  • JavaScript / Frontend & backend application development. (4 Years+ experience)
  • HTML/CSS / Frontend web development, including mobile web development. (4 Years+ experience)
  • SQL / Database development, including User Access Control administration. (2 Years+ experience)

historyEmployment History

Video 2000
Retail Salesperson. Basic sales experience.
2008 to May 2011.
NXT Level Tech
Technical Salesperson. Sales of IT components and solutions.
2011 to Early 2012.
Wilite Technology Development
Software Engineer.
Early 2012 to Nov 2015. Experience in the following fields:
  • Native Android software development. Deployment and maintenance of Android applications in the wild through the Play Store.
  • Android web application development. Deployment and maintenance of Android applications in the wild, using Android webview APIs.
  • PHP software application development. Deployment and maintenance of complex in-house reporting systems.
  • Node server application development. Deployment and maintenance of server side applications written in JavaScript.
  • PhantomJS, used for magical tasks, such as PDF generation from HTML.
  • HTML/CSS, frontend web application development, including mobile web development.
  • Bootstrap / Material Design Lite.
  • Grunt / On-click build scripts that minify code, optimize images and rsync output onto remote server, with optional staging development environments.
  • Karma / Unit tests created to test output of reporting systems after application has been built.
  • Remote server configuration, including configuration of nginx/apache, user access control administration, etc.
TouchFoundry (PTY) LTD
Lead Developer.
Dec 2015 to present. Experience in the following fields:
  • AngularJS FED application development, including dashboards, charting and draggable cards!
  • Cross-platform React/Reflux application using Cordova.
  • PHP Lararvel application development.
  • Adherence to Agile development methodologies.

buildProjects I have worked on

Proprietary software
Open-source software
  • The Logical Defence Android application. This is an app that I built, and subsequently made open on GitGub. Since then, it has seen a fair amount of traction. With no marketing, the app has achieved over 1000+ downloads. I am personally satisfied that people are finding use in one of my creations.

    Giving credit where credit is due, a large amount help has been received (and continues to be received) by those lovely fellows on GitHub. The app has been translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish all thanks to the collaboration achieved on GitHub. Thanks guys!

    You can find the project in question at the Logical Defence GitHub page. You can download the app for your Android device from the Google Play store the Logical Defence.

theatersSports & Activities

Junior Years (Grades 1 - 7)
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • 1st team hockey
  • Marital Arts
  • Orchestra (flutist)
Senior Years (Grades 8 - 12)
  • Cycling
  • Orchestra (flutist)
Post school 2011+
  • Club hockey (Northlink Collage)